• keep the Alabama archer in touch with others who have the same interests and ideas; who hold sacred the right, the ability, and the skill to shoot the old-style, traditional bows and arrows;

  • instill in our youth the idea that the old traditional way of archery is an excellent way for us to keep in touch and live in harmony with nature;

  • introduce youth and adults to the fun and companionship that traditional archery provides;

  • teach by example the rules of fair chase to hunting archers and the ethical ways to take wild game for food, clothing and shelter;

  • keep secure our hunting rights (as primitive bow hunters);

  • recapture the lifestyle of the past with the opportunity and privilege of shooting the old style traditional bows and arrows;

  • help our fellow man when in need; and

  • promote the traditional way of archery to its fullest, so our children and theirs can enjoy these pleasures in the future as we do today.

President: Benny Argo

Vice President:
John Scott

Sue VanSickle-Scott

Range Manager:John Scott

Northern Directors:Tony Jetton, Greg Richards

 Southern Directors:
Steve Pate, Ken Davis



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