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Welcome to the Official Website for the

Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen

Divisions (Classes)
Men's Longbow
Men's Recurve
Men's Primitive
Men’s Senior (55+)
Women's Longbow
Women's Recurve
Women's Primitive
Women’s Senior (55+)
Juniors (13-16)
Youth (9-12)
Cubs (8 and under)

Our Range

General Rules
Traditional Equipment Only
Safety First
No String Walking
No Elevated Rest
No Stabilizers
No Mechanical Releases
No Sights
At Least One Finger Must Touch the Arrow Nock
Longbow & Recurve Divisions - Wood, Aluminum, and Carbon Arrows Allowed
Primitive Bow Divisions - Wood Arrows Only
All Men's Divisions - NO NIB points and 100 gr minimum field point