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Safety First!

General Rules

Traditional Equipment Only
Safety First
No String Walking
No Elevated Rest
No Stabilizers
No Mechanical Releases
No Binoculars
No Sights
At Least One Finger Must Touch the Arrow Nock
Longbow & Recurve Divisions - Wood, Aluminum, and Carbon Arrows Allowed
Primitive Bow Divisions - Wood Arrows Only
All Men's Divisions - NO NIB points and 100 gr minimum field point

A.S.T.B. Shooter Divisions:

A.S.T.B. General Rules:

How to respond when asked what your events are like?

Option 1:

Like playing golf in the woods; but you only get one shot at each target.  We generally have around 25 targets.  Each target is shaped like a different animal with lines inscribed indicating the points.  We have a circle representing a heart shot that is worth 10 points.  Outside of the circle is another line representing the lungs of the animal, a hit there is 8 points.  Any hit on the target outside of these areas is worth 5 points.  You walk from station to station stand on the stake for your class.  After you have completed the course add up your score card and turn it in to the desk. 

Option 2:

A brisk walk in the woods were you stop when you see a number hanging from the tree indicating you have reached the next target.  A quick look in the forest and you spot the foam beast standing like a sentry watching as the previous group walks off.  You look for the stake that designates your position then place one foot against the stake.  Raise your bow and aim at the beast shaped like a deer, bear, boar, or even a lion.  You draw your bow, loose your arrow, and are greeted with either "nice shot" or "I saw were it went.”  The next person then takes their place and sends their arrow at the beast.  Once the entire group has flung their arrows you walk together to the target find the arrows that missed and record the score for each person.  Then it is time to repeat the process at the next target.  You spend the day in the woods against the sounds of the birds chirping and laughter after a joke was told.  When you have completed the entire course, you turn in your scorecard.  You sit down with your friends and enjoy some more conversation while giving yourself a moment to rest before heading back to the starting point to shoot the course another time.

General Rules

Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen

Divisions & Classes

Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen

Divisions (Classes)

Men's Longbow
Men's Recurve
Men's Primitive
Men’s Senior (55+)
Women's Longbow
Women's Recurve
Women's Primitive
Women’s Senior (55+)
Juniors (13-16)
Youth (9-12)
Cubs (8 and under)

Range Setup & Info:

Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen

Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen